All students three years old or older can participate in our Playgroup. This program is specially designed to help our students learn English quickly, easily because it exposes them to 3 hours of English per day. There are no real formal classes; all the kids do is play and do all kinds of fun activities in English. The teacher speaks as little English as possible and the students are encouraged to speak. They begin by using just words and then in just a short time they are speaking short and direct sentences and questions.

All the activities are based on themes just like a normal pre-school class in The United States. The kids study: family, school material, clothes, places, and weather. They learn English by using it and following basic commands and phrases as they do lots of fun things like planning a party, to drawing pictures to playing in the sand box.

One of the methods Tigrinhos uses to teach English is Total Physical Response. This means that the kids say what they do; as they walk they say walk, as they draw they say draw. In this way they learn concretely there is no translation or abstract concepts they need to learn. They play,they repeat, they learn while having lots of fun.

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