English Program

English Program

Golden Tigers is a bilingual Brazilian school. All the students have three forty-five minute English classes every day The English classes are given before or after the requirements of the Brazilian program have been fulfilled depending whether the students do the Brazilian Program in the morning or afternoon. The English classes are taught in blocks; which means that the entire school is studying the same subject at the same time but on different levels. Reading will be the first class followed by language arts and then English as a Foreign Language class.

The first block of time is devoted to reading. The majority of the Golden Tiger students learn to read in Portuguese first. The only students who will learn to read in English first are those that foreigners or who want to attend only English speaking elementary schools. We do not teach reading in English during the first semester of the first grade because our students are learning to read in Portuguese. We use these reading classes to give intensive English classes and enhance our students´ vocabulary. Once Golden Tigers are reading Portuguese well they begin reading in English.

Research has proven that all children learn more and enjoy reading when what they are reading is appropriate literature. Golden Tigers will have a complete pre-school through fifth grade reading library. Children become lifelong readers when they read worthwhile age appropriate books. The classroom teachers read well known popular books with their students, and they read books to their children in small groups. There are also visiting readers who share their books with our students.

The second class will be Language Art which covers all the different facets of language from listening to interpreting. The classes are dynamic and interesting because the students are active participants in the learning process. Golden Tiger   students in this class are developing their spelling, interpreting, fact finding, research ability, writing and oral language skills through a variety of enriching and thought provoking activities. They are continually exposed to: poetry, newspaper and magazine articles, plays, public speaking and literature.

The English as a Foreign Language classes are designed for all students whose first language is not English. It is a specific program that helps students learn English quickly and easily through a wide gambit of different activities from: playing word games, role playing, singing, and vocabulary building exercises, and thematic projects. These classes involve all kinds of hands on experiences that are designed to help our students become truly bilingual.

The professionals who teach these classes are highly qualified bilingual experienced teachers. They understand how to teach English to elementary students in an organized, easy step by step way that makes learning English fun and easy.

Golden Tigers uses a wide variety of special materials designed to make English relevant and interesting. During the year students do all kinds of hands on active projects, workshops, books, and presentations that challenge them to learn English.

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